Kelloggs Special K – 140 g


  • This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Kellogg’s Special K is a delicious, low fat, ready-to-eat cereal, with the goodness of whole wheat and bran.
  • It’s high in B group vitamins and vitamin C, and it’s a source of protein & fibre.
  • Relish it with skimmed milk or whisked yoghurt (dahi), along with your favourite fruits or dry fruits.
  • Start each day with this tasty breakfast cereal and see if you feel the difference for yourself!

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  • Every woman wants to feel fabulous, take the first step towards a new you by starting your day with low fat breakfast
  • Many factors affect weight management, diet and exercise are part of an overall healthy lifestyle
  • With delicious foods, free meal plans, plus exercise tips to help you stay on track, special K is your partner in kick starting a healthy lifestyle
  • It is 98 percent fat free and a source of fibre, moreover, kellogg’s special K is fortified with 8 essential nutrients like vitamins A, C and B vitamins including folic acid
  • So go ahead! See if you can feel fabulous!

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