About Us: Some info about company

Shringar Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (श्रृंगार नेपाल प्रा. लि.) is registered as per Company Act Nepal 2006 in the Office of Company Registrar with registration number 212005/075/076. Shringar Nepal Pvt. Ltd. operates this www.hamroshringar.com

Belief: "Shringar" is not only about beauty, cosmetics and makeup, it's also about daily requirements & needs, health and Décor that makes us self-confident and happy in the environment that we live and exist.

Vision: Sell the products & services that enhance the inner & outer beauty of human beings and make life easier.

We are all about products ranging from Beauty, Cosmetics, Décor, Fashion, Food Supplements, Health, Jewellery / Ornaments, Make-Up, Mother & Baby, Shringar to Wellness.

Hamro Shringar

1 Low-Priced

All the products that we sell are economical to the general people who can easily afford them for daily use.

2 Quick Delivery

We want to make sure the product that you order will be delivered at your door step.

3 Hassle Free Support

We are happy to assist with any enquiries you may have.