COVID-19 Isolation Kit

COVID-19 Isolation Kit

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As a being part of society, we loved to be actively involved in the society and social causes. So being a part of society, we were working for the last few days in this pandemic for the social cause. We have successfully managed to arrange kits (Basic few things and medicines) for the people of remote districts who are in isolation.

Fells happy to work for people whom you don’t even know

All those kits were funded by a few doctors on their personal level and delivery to the patient was managed by Ek Ek Paila. Thanks to all unknown people who supported the fund and helped us to manage all those items in this prohibition period.

Wishing speed recovery to all infected people

A Kit contains below items:

  1. Surgical Mask (Melt blown) – 50 PCs (1 Box)
  2. Cure Safe Plus: Spray Instant Hand Sanitizers – 100 ml
  3. Lifebuoy Total 10 Germ Protection Soap Bar – 95 g
  4. Colgate Max Fresh Red Gel Toothpaste – 70 g
  5. Colgate Cibaca Soft Toothbrush – 1 PC
  6. Good Cotton Super Soft Towel – 1 PC
  7. MHI Digital Medical Thermometer – 1 PC
  8. Paracetamol – 40 Tab
  9. Vitamin B-Complex with Zinc – 15 Tab
  10. Vitamin C – 20 Tab
  11. Cotton Bag – 1 PC

Medicine was provided in collaboration with Third Party with Licensed Pharmacy Medical Store.

Call / WhatsApp / Viber us at +977-9802075050 or send a message for details.

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