Ansina Ice Protection Cream SPF 38 – 45 g


Whitening Sunblock Cream

  • Good quality sunblock that has UV sunscreens
  • Vitamin C and added moisturizer
  • Uv-ray resisting, effecient whitening
  • Whitening, moisturizing, fair & immaculate
  • SPF 38

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  • Ansina Cream improves uneven, dull skin tone, eliminates free radicals from the skin, promotes skin’s glow, moisturizes and keeps skin white & smooth.
  • The unique UV-ray filter course Meroxyl helps skin resist UVA and UVB rays , against blackening and sunscald, prevents skin tone dullness, sallowness and sunspot arising from sun exposure, reduces the pore blocking from the mixture of facial grease, sweat, makeup residue and powder.
  • Contains vitamin C whitening inducer that improves uneven, dull skin tone, removes skin free radicals, increases the skin permeability, keeps skin white, smooth and ruddy. The large amount of moisturizing factor prevents the moisture loss due to sun exposure, balances skin moisture, leaves skin moist and smooth.