Bare Anatomy Ultra Smoothing Shampoo – 250 ml

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Smoothens, Repairs & Strengthens Hair | For Damaged & Dull Hair

  • Provides intense nourishment
  • Repairs hair damage from the roots
  • Leaves hair smooth and shiny
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Dryness
  • Material Type Free: Artificial Colour Free, Sodium Laureth Sulphate Free, Mineral Oil Free, Petroleum Free, Paraben Free
  • Scent: Floral

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  • Reverse your hair damage & restore smooth hair with our Ultra Smoothing Shampoo.
  • Infused with QT Charged Technology, our Ultra Smoothing Hair Mask reduces hair damage by 27% and adds luster and shine to the hair.
  • The Expert Ultra Smoothing Shampoo is powered by QT Charge Technology ™  that enables high-grade ingredients Omega 3, 6, 9 & Phytosqualan to bind keratin with the hair shaft reducing damage by 27%.
  • Keratin is a naturally occurring protein in the hair shaft that functions as a protective sheath. However, it undergoes wear and tear due to various internal and external factors which causes hair breakage, frizz, dryness, and dullness.
  • It is the ultimate antidote for reversing hair damage and restoring smoothness with shine. QT Charge Technology ™ enhances the ability of these high-grade ingredients to seamlessly bind keratin protein which is essential for strengthening the hair.
  • The shampoo is enriched with plant-derived Omega 3, 6 & 9 concentrate and Phytosqualan which repair the hair shaft and smoothen the texture.
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