Beardo Activated Charcoal Face Scrub – 100 g


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Exfoliating Scrub for Deep Skin Cleansing Blackhead Removal for Clear Skin

  • Excellent facial cleanser
  • Removes dead cells
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Gives natural glow
  • Age Range (Description): Adult

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Discover your inner glow with Beardo Charcoal Deep Cleansing!

  • Beardo introduces Charcoal Deep Cleansing and Exfoliating Face Scrub carefully crafted for men’s tough skin.
  • One of the best men’s exfoliating scrubs, the product attacks dead skin cells and scrubs them off your skin, polishing it to give a brighter skin tone.
  • Now, isn’t that just what you were looking for?
  • Put an end to your wait; shine bright with Charcoal Deep Cleansing and Exfoliating Face Scrub.

Why should women have all the fun?

  • Yes, you heard it right! Men too, have all the rights to indulge in luxurious experiences.
  • Beardo, with its natural skin scrub, gives liberty to men to get pampered, cleanse, exfoliate; and feel on top of the world!
  • Beardo Activated Charcoal Face Scrub is a product you can count on, when it comes to natural skincare for men.
  • The ultimate weapon to wipe out the unwanted debris on your skin, this scrub will work hard to give you an enviable brightness.

Bask in the Brightness with Beardo Skin Care Products

  • Believe it or not, exfoliating is necessary, irrespective of gender. Probably that’s what the high and the mighty men of the society do – they explore the world, derive experiences, and share & express.
  • They finally sit back, relax, exfoliate and brighten their fortunes! A wide range of Beardo men’s skin care products cleanse your skin, clear it off spots & blemishes, and uplift its texture.
  • Now that we are at it, don’t miss out on Beardo Deep Sea Brick Soap to have a refreshing feeling linger on for a long time.
  • And once you are done with the elaborate skin care, shift your focus to your beard and hair with Beardo hair and Beardo Beard products for men.
  • Enjoy the makeover!
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