Bella Vita Organic Deo White Underarm Whitening Natural Roll on Deodorant for Women – 75 ml


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Underarm Skin Whitening

  • Deowhite is a long-lasting, sweat-resistant deodorant that fights the bacteria and sweat build up in your underarms which can cause bad body odour, infections and breakouts.
  • Protects against bacteria: Has antibacterial properties and the ability to to prevent darkening of under arms.
  • All day freshness: This natural deodorant contains Aqua & natural extracts which give you day long odour protection and long lasting freshness.
  • Hydrating formula: Coconut Oil which moisturises, lightens and brightens under arm skin.
  • Infused with Cucumber: Cucumber extracts help to lighten the pigmented skin and rejuvenate drained and dry skin.
  • Long-lasting formula: Keeps you fresh all day long without blocking pores.
  • Alcohol-free: Ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin as well.

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  • Blended with natural ingredients, the Deo white Underarm Whitening Natural Roll-On Deodorant for Women is a holy grail addition to your AM self-care regime.
  • Lighten, heal, protect and get rid of odour with just one roll!