Bella Vita Organic Nail Strong Cuticle Oil for Nails (Growth, Strength & Cuticle Care) – 12 ml


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With Goodness of Almond Oil | Soft, Smooth, & Strong Lustrous Nails

  • Heals & repairs dry, damaged nails, and cuticles.
  • Helps strengthen, beautify & lengthen nails.
  • Hydrates & nourishes cuticles.
  • Boosts nail growth & reduces breakage.
  • Improves the health of the skin around the nails.
  • Reduces yellowing or chemical damage from nail paints.

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  • Nail growth oil serum that also promotes the strengthening of nails and cuticle care.
  • The natural and essential oils in this reduce damage caused by sun, bacteria, fungus, dirt, free radicals and also reduce yellowing of the nails.
  • Hydrates, moisturizes, and nourishes cuticles, reduces dryness and peeling of the skin.
  • Prevents breakage by strengthening the nails and the skin around it.
  • Reduces the chipping of nails from their tips.
  • Boosts nail growth and brightens the skin and reduces damage around the nails.
  • Heals & repairs dry, damaged nails, and cuticles.
  • Enriched with flaxseed oil (keratin) which is full of essential fatty acids, as well as antioxidants and minerals which promote faster, stronger growth.
  • Castor oil helps to fight pesky fungal infections in your nail beds, ragged cuticles, and brittle nails. Sunflower oil can be used to heal dried cracked cuticles.
  • This nail oil also prevents cracking and peeling of cuticles, making them smooth, beautiful and nourished.
  • Majorly strengthens thin and weak nails and additionally treats damaged cuticles.
  • A natural moisturizing agent that nourishes the nail and cuticle area.
  • Innovative nourishing formula with enhancing powers of oils for nail growth, repair and cuticle care.