Bella Vita Organic Nico Balm Natural Lip Balm for Dry and Chapped Lips – 8 gm


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For Women, Men, Boys & Girls To Hydrate Dry, Chapped, Damaged Lips & Get Baby Lips | Pre Smoke Balm | Pre Lipstick Balm

  • Softens and nourishes dry, chapped lips.
  • Moisturizes & protects lips.
  • Creates a protective layer on lips protecting from tan & nicotine stains.
  • Hydrates & lightens dark lips.
  • Form & Texture: Semi Buttery
  • Skin Concerns: Soft, Bright, Plump Lips
  • Product Benefits: Moisturizing

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  • Your lips talk a lot about your body’s hydration level.
  • The health of your lips is as important as any part of your face or body and is affected the same way.
  • The skin on the lips is extremely soft and is prone to more damage.
  • Dry and chapped lips are very common, change of weather and lack of hydration can lead to that and can be dealt with by drinking more water most of the time.
  • However, tanned and pigmented lips cannot be dealt with as easily.
  • In fact, the skin on the lips also gets dark because of nicotine stains which are extremely difficult to get rid of.
  • A lip care routine is essential. Using a proper natural lip balm to take care of your lips can change the way your lips look and feel.
  • Over time, your lips tend to lose their original color and texture.
  • Just like an SPF protects our skin from damage, having a good lip balm does the same for the lips.
  • Our lips also get exposed to lipsticks that are filled with chemicals that ruin their health.
  • Adding a protective layer to the lips is crucial.
  • We all want to have healthy, pink lips, and having a good lip lightening balm can help us protect their original color.
  • Our lips are cladded with chemicals, dirt, dust, and free radicals that tend to ruin them.
  • Using a natural lip balm can help maintain their health without causing further damage.
  • It forms a protective layer on the skin and prevents it from any external damage.
  • Nicobalm is the best lip balm to use for your lips.
  • Combined with the goodness of Shea butter, Avocado oil, Vitamin E, and Beeswax, it helps your lips to stay hydrated and moisturized for much longer than normal petroleum jelly or a chemical lip balm.
  • It is the best lip balm for dry lips as it forms a protective layer on your lips and prevents sun damage or nicotine stains.
  • It is a lip lightening lip balm and can be used as a lip protector before makeup as well.
  • This natural and ayurvedic goodness is extremely affordable and gives you pink, plump, hydrated, and moisturized lips organically without much effort.
  • It smells of vanilla and coconut and has a buttery texture that stays for long.
  • It comes in a rotating stick and doesn’t leave a tint on the skin which makes it easier for men to use this as well.
  • This unisex product is extremely handy and can be kept in your pocket at all times.
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