Bombay Shaving Company Red Spice Deodorant – 150 ml


Save: ₨ 28.00 (5%)
  • Deodorant for men with woody and spicy fragrance notes
  • Helps keep body odour and sweat under control
  • Bold, strong fragrance that lifts up your mood
  • Long lasting fragrance that keeps you fresh all day long

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  • Some guys like their deodorant as their whiskey cocktail; bold, smokey, and spicy!
  • Bombay Shaving Company Deodorant for Men Red Spice gives off a superior scent and is as intoxicating as your whiskey-based cocktails.
  • Give yourself a spray of this woody, spicy fragrance and relish the warm, exotic notes that will enrich your scent, fight body odour and last longer.
  • After all, boldness attracts boldness.