Dot & Key Skin Plumping Moisture Infusion Water Sleeping Mask – 60 ml


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Hyaluronic Hydrating Water Sleep Mask

  • A hydrating face mask that resets your skin overnight, by erasing the impact of stress and fatigue.
  • Cucumber and chamomile smoothen, plump, and perfect the skin while you sleep.
  • Works overnight to reverse the damaging effects of UV, pollution, and smoke on skin.
  • The anti-oxidant concentrated formula sinks into the skin to work from within.
  • The uplifting fragrance of Bulgarian rose leaves you feeling relaxed.
  • Hyaluronic acid continuously infuses high doses of moisture into the skin.
  • Skin Concerns: Excess Sebum, Dehydrated Skin
Skin Type: Normal Skin, Oily Skin
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  • Imagine hitting the reset button on your skin overnight, erasing the impact of stress and fatigue, and waking up to a fresh, well-rested appearance the next morning?
  • This is exactly what Dot & Key Skin Plumping Water Sleeping Mask does.
  • It instantly floods skin with moisture and keeps skin happily hydrated for hours.

The Experience

  • The Scent: Floral rose
  • The Texture: Bouncy, watery, lightweight gel
  • Makes Skin Feel: Hydrated & plump
  • Makes Skin Look: Bright, awake & well-rested