Dr. Rashel – Ms. Privates Parts Whitening Soap – 100 gm


Save: ₨ 100.00 (7%)

For Body & Private Parts for Girls & Women

  • Gently nourishes the skin, giving it a matte glow.
  • Gives your body the charming color.
  • Increases the beauty of Private parts.
  • Gentle on the skin, gives the skin attentive care.
  • Supplements the skin with essential moisture giving it softness and hydration.
  • Improves skin tone and moisturizes it.
  • Does not contain harmful substances.

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Dr. Rashel Whitening Soap for Armpits, between Thighs & Sensitive Areas

  • Whitening soap for sensitive areas of Dr.RASHEL is specially for women and girls.
  • It’s effectiveness is in helping to whitening, and soften for sensitive areas.
  • Does not contain restricted materials or any harmful substances.
  • The expiry date of soap is 3 years and weighs around 100 grams per unit.
  • The soap is very soft and safe for the skin.
  • You will find yourself more beautiful using it.