Dr. Rashel Whiten & Tightening Feminine Wash – 50 ml


Save: ₨ 314.00 (39%)
  • The whitening & tightening feminine wash is the first natural and safe skin lightening feminine wash, and is enriched with natural ingredients for maximum skin lightening effect.
  • Helps tighten and tone vaginal walls to maintain that youthful honeymoon-fit.
  • It works towards blocking out and eradicating all kinds of unpleasant odors, itchiness and discharge.
  • Keeping the vaginal area refreshed, soothes, deodorizes and keeps the intimate area protected and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Suitable for daily use.

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  • Intimate area for tightness and sexiness
  • Prevents and treats vaginal discomfort and bacteria
  • Skin Lightening Feminine Wash
  • Helps tightens and tone vaginal walls
  • Blocks out all kind of unpleasant odors, itchiness and discharge
  • Before and after intimation, menstruation recommended