Estelin by Dr. Rashel Collagen Shaping Lift Serum – 40 ml


Save: ₨ 1381.00 (48%)
  • Add collagen ingredients, firm anti-aging, repair skin damage, reduce dry lines, promote cell revitalization and increase skin elasticity.
  • The skin is full and firm, and turns into a “girl skin”

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  • Use For: Face, Neck Serum
  • Anti-aging, removes wrinkles, increases skin elasticity with 1% enzyme serum.
  • Suitable for long-term use, it has good effect on delicate face, hard and smooth skin.
  • Aloe vera can prevent the absorption of fats and cholesterol.
  • Great technology, botanical extract, prevents fat accumulation.
  • Four Functions: improve relaxation, massage, fifth face shape, and improve fine lines.