Kojie San Face Lightening Cream – 30 g


Save: ₨ 600.00 (33%)
  • Brightens skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots.
  • Lessens the chance of new skin blemishes.
  • Restores skin suppleness.
  • Moisturizes skin.
  • Improves the overall health of the skin for a visibly rosy glow.
  • Kojie San Face Lightening Cream is free of mercury and heavy metals.

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  • Natural plant extracts and Kojic Acid are combined in the light, non-greasy Kojie San Whitening Cream, which is renowned for its superior whitening effect.
  • Rose hips and vitamin E are Rose included in the formulation of this non-greasy, lightweight face lotion.
  • The lotion contains all-natural kojic acid, which safely and softly lightens skin.
  • This cream successfully minimizes the appearance of black spots and restores the suppleness of the skin by combining the whitening powers of kojic acid and the healing power of rose hips.
  • There are no parabens in this product.