Mamaearth | Retinol Face Wash with Retinol & Bakuchi for Fine Lines & Wrinkles – 100 ml


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Fights Signs of Aging | Reduces Blemishes

  • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles: Welcome younger looking & firm skin with Retinol Face Wash! With time, the skin begins to lose its elasticity, becoming prone to discoloration and signs of aging like fine lines. Retinol & Bakuchi prevent this by leaving skin more youthful with every wash.
  • Fights Signs of Aging: The elixir of youth! Retinol, a powerful anti-aging ingredient, boosts collagen production & alters the way aged cells behave to give you younger-looking skin.
  • Reduces Age Spots & Blemishes: Time to reverse aging! Bakuchi, often called nature’s Retinol, is a powerhouse of antioxidants that reduces hyperpigmentation and dark spots, giving you even-toned skin.
  • Age Range (Description): Youth
  • Product Benefits: Anti-Aging
  • Use for: Face

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  • Keep them guessing your age as they admire your glowing and youthful skin!
  • Mamaearth Retinol Face Wash is the elixir of youth you need.
  • Formulated with potent Retinol – the most trusted ingredient to fight signs of aging – and the natural goodness of Bakuchi, this face wash will become your skin’s BFF in no time.
  • Mamaearth Retinol Face Wash accelerates skin cell turnover, washes away impurities and fights signs of aging.
  • Trust this classic mix of science and nature for reducing age spots, and for fading fine lines and wrinkles – giving you a new youthful look.
  • Start your morning with this power-packed face wash that’s suitable for all skin types.
  • And because of our no toxins and harmful chemicals promise, you won’t find any Silicones, Parabens, Mineral Oil & Dyes in any of our products.
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