mCaffeine Naked and Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub – 250 g


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Exfoliation | Dandruff Control | Root Stimulation

  • Say hello to your scalp’s deeply cleansing and refreshing Caffeine fix!
  • Reduces 99% dandruff-causing microbes.
  • The Coffee Scalp Scrub is the perfect way to get rid of dandruff and buildup.
  • Exfoliation and Root Stimulation: Perfectly sized Coffee particles present in the Coffee Scalp Scrub get rid of buildup from your scalp effortlessly. Coffee stimulates the hair roots and improves blood circulation.
  • Dandruff Control: Proven to get rid of 99% dandruff-causing microbes, Coffee Scalp Scrub removes dandruff in just a single wash.
  • Pure Coffee Aroma: Meant to amp up your showering experience, the Coffee Scalp Scrub exudes the aroma of freshly brewed Coffee.
  • Hair Concern: Damaged Hair, Dandruff, Hair Fall
  • Age Range (Description): Adult

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Why Coffee Scalp Scrub?

  • Coffee Scalp Scrub helps in reducing 99% of dandruff-causing microbes that feed on scalp oils.
  • Our scalps need just as much care as the rest of our skin.
  • Product buildup, excess oil, and dandruff on the scalp can make the hair roots weak and so it is time to add exfoliation to your hair care regime!
  • This exfoliating coffee scrub for hair will effectively remove excess oil and product residue.
  • The Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub is a unique product that will revolutionize the way you take care of your scalp!
  • Coffee Scalp Scrub will revive your scalp with its unique gel-based formula that has raw coffee particles!
  • The scrub will perk up your senses with its heavenly coffee aroma.

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