Nature’s Tattva Aloe Vera Gel – 150 gm


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  • Pure Aloe Vera Gel is free from chemicals
  • Soothes and calms skin
  • Nourishes and strengthens hair
  • Can be used on skin and hair
  • Shelf life: 14 months

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  • Nature’s Tattva Pure Aloe Vera gel is not only 99.4% pure but the plant has been aged for 5 years before harvesting in the foothills of Himalayas making it the most pure, natural and pristine Aloe Vera Gel available in the market today.
  • This Aloe Vera gel can be used on skin to soothe and calm skin irritations and sunburns.
  • It is an excellent gel for hair that deeply nourishes each hair strand to give you beautiful and shiny hair.

How is Aloe Vera gel from Nature’s Tattva different from others in the market?

  1. Our aloe vera gel is 99.9% pure aloe vera and 0.1% copolymers, to keep the aloe vera gel in gel state. Which means we promise no adulterations in the form of glycerine or preservatives.
  2. Our Aloe Vera plantation is aged for 5 years before harvesting. This makes the aloe vera the best quality therapeutically.
  3. Did you know that Aloe Vera Gel is NOT naturally high in vitamin-e, which means that any claims of high vitamin-e aloe vera gel are false, and one should beware of such brands. We don’t claim a high vitamin-e in our aloe vera gel, if you want vitamin-e in your gel, either try our Cucumber Gel, which is naturally high in vitamin-e, or add our vitamin-e oil to the aloe vera gel. That’s a much safer way to go about it.
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