Paree Super Ultra Soft Feel XXL (Tri-Fold) – 6 Pads


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For Women with Double Feathers | For Heavy Flow

  • Dry Top Sheet: Our unique technology quickly pulls moisture away from your body, thus giving you wetness protection. It gives your skin a smooth feather-like touch.
  • 3 Second Absorption: The top sheet is delicately designed to give you extra protection and enables heavy flow absorbency within 3 seconds.
  • Gel Core Technology: It comes with gel core technology which helps in quick absorption.
  • Double Feathers: Our pads have double feathers for extra coverage. It also ensures safety during long sitting hours and a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Disposable Covers: Each sanitary pad comes in an individually wrapped compact disposable cover that makes it easy to carry and discard after use.

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  • Get 6 Paree Super Ultra Soft Feel XXL Pads.
  • Paree Super Ultra Soft Feel XXL prevents discomfort, keeping you comfortable around the clock.
  • Heavy Flow Champion – It has got specially designed absorbent funnels that trap fluid inside and prevents leakage, making it perfect for your Heavy Flow Days.
  • It comes with added gel for quick absorption and utmost comfort.
  • It comes with wings that provide better grip to the pads and avoids slipping & leakage from sides.
  • It comes with a wider back for extra coverage and ultimate protection from leakage.
  • It has gentle fragrance that does away with period odour and keeps you fresh throughout.
  • This pack contains 6 XXL size Soft Feel pads.
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years