Pee Safe Reusable Baby Diaper | Melons – 1 Set


Washable & Adjustable Design | Comfortable Soft Fabric | 5 Layer Protection Kit | Leak Proof | 2 Booster Pads

  • Made with a soft fabric that doesn’t suffocate your baby & provides utmost comfort.
  • The diapers have a 5 layer protection to provide a leak-proof experience.
  • The booster pad & the diaper can be washed & reused.

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  • Your baby deserves the utmost care & comfort!
  • Introducing Pee Safe Reusable Baby Diapers made from soft fleece which provides total comfort to your little one whether it’s playtime or naptime.
  • These diapers provide maximum absorption and complete protection against leaks all day long.
  • The comfortable soft fabric is breathable and allows your baby to move freely.
  • The diapers are a perfect fit for your little bundle of joy as they come with adjustable sides!
  • The diaper comes with a leak-proof storage pouch for safekeeping & a hanging loop for drying the product after wash.
  • When to use it: From newborn to 3 year old babies can wear FURR Reusable Baby Diapers.
  • What does it do: Pee Safe’s Reusable Baby Diaper comes with 2 boosters which are highly absorbent pads and it is leak proof.
  • When can we expect the results: Instantly absorbs.
  • Disclaimer: Please do not bleach or iron the product.