PeeBuddy Disposable Toilet Seat Cover to Avoid Direct Contact with Unhygienic Toilet Seats – 20 Seat Covers


No Direct Contact with Unhygienic Seats| Easy to Dispose| Nature Friendly| Must Have for Women & Men

  • Disposable
  • Hygienic
  • Convenient
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry

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  • PeeBuddy Disposable Toilet Seat Covers are a must-have for women and men who frequently come across unfriendly toilets while travelling.
  • These present the best way to avoid direct contact with dirty toilet seat and UTI.
  • Paper-based, they are easy to carry, and make travelling more viable than ever.
  • Being 100% biodegradable and flushable, these covers make managing intimate hygiene easy as well as eco-friendly.