Safepad Reusable & Antimicrobial Sanitary Pads – Set of 4 Pads (3 Day + 1 Night)


  • Antimicrobial
  • High Absorbency
  • No Irritation
  • Reusable
  • Comfortable
  • Washable at least 100 times
  • For both Regular flow & Night pad for Heavy flow and Night usage
  • Color: Pink

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  • Safepad is a reusable sanitary pad designed to provide a safe and infection free experience.
  • 75% of all women experience vaginal yeast or bacterial infections during their lifetime.
  • These infections cause health issues and in worst cases will impact fertility.
  • Safepad hygienic sanitary pads are designed with a permanently bonded antimicrobial technology that helps reducing vaginal infections caused by Candida albicans along with infections from other pathogens.
  • The antimicrobial technology is based on a treatment that leaves a positively charged layer on the fabric.
  • This layer will attract and kill the negatively charged microbes, like bacteria and fungi.
  • The treatment does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • The permanently bonded antimicrobial fabric along with a highly absorbent material provides a comfortable and hygienic experience for the women, infections cause health issues and in worst cases will impact fertility.
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