Secret Island Vitamin CEB Soap – 100 g


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Size: 100g
Made in: Thailand
Skin Type: All (Including sensitive skin)
Type: Face & body cleanser
Wholesale: Available

Must item for daily skin care

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Vitamin C,E and B3 Benefits:

  1. Vitamin C: Promotes collagen production / Reduces skin discoloration / Speeds up healing / Keeps skin looking younger / Improves hydration and moisture / Creates brighter and healthier skin
  2. Vitamin E: Nourishes the Skin / Treats Stretch Marks / Lightens Scars / Treats Dark Circles / Acts as a Cleansing Agent
  3. Vitamin B3: Treats acne / Reduces inflammation, irritation and redness


  1. Rich Vitamin C,E and B3 in
  2. Natural & Herbal
  3. Silicone / Alcohol free
  4. Real orange peel extract in
  5. For all skin type(including sensitive skin)
  6. Aromatic fragrance