Shrawan Special Saubhagya – Gift Set


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  • Red Chulthi Dhago
  • Mehndi (25 gm)
  • Home made Pote Bracelet
  • Bindi (1 Packet)
  • Pote Mala
  • Kumkum Sindoor (1 Packet)
  • Chura (Size: 2″4, 2″6, 2 Dozen)

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Shravan Month is considered as one of the holiest months in the year as per the Hindu calendar. It is the fifth month in the Hindu calendar.

Many Hindus will fast every Monday to the Lord Shiva and/or every Tuesday to the Goddess Parvati. Fasting on Tuesdays of this month is known locally as “Mangala Gauri Vrat”