Sirona Biodegradable Super Soft Black Sanitary Pads & Napkins Night Pads – Large (Pack of 10)


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Antibacterial | Ultra Thin | Rash Free Protection

  • Biodegradable: To make Sirona Ultra-thin Natural Black Sanitary Pads, carbon is captured from sustainable natural resources & transformed into PLA using hot air non-spring process making the pads not only completely bio-based but biodegradable as well.
  • Anti-Bacterial: Made with the goodness of sustainable natural resources, such as Corn, Sugarcane, Cassava, and Strawbale, our Ultra-thin Natural Black Sanitary Pads are anti-bacterial and do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. They are Chlorine Free, Paraben Free, Toxic-free, and have No Artificial Colours in them, making them completely safe for your delicate skin.
  • Soft and Rash free: Sirona Ultra-thin Natural BLACK Sanitary Pads are completely bio-based and made using only premium ingredients, thus ensuring a soft and breathable surface with complete rash-free protection.
  • No Leakage, Odour, or Stain: The fiber used in our Ultra-Thin Natural Sanitary Black Pads is of high absorption quality and the design is drip-proof. It is a leakproof and safe option for menstrual care and provides protection from staining. It also prevents menstrual odor and is highly discreet.
  • Breathable: With Sirona Ultra-Thin Natural Sanitary Black Pads say NO to that uneasy wet feeling and enjoy a breathable, fresh, and dry sensation all day long.
  • Super Absorbent: These Ultra-thin Natural Black Sanitary Pads are made up of a compressed layer of absorbent natural fibers that soak all the menstrual flow. Giving you complete protection and peace of mind.
  • Size: Large

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Who am I?

  • I am Sirona’s Black Pad
  • I am made with Nature’s Love!

How am I made?

  • Carbon is captured from sustainable natural resources, such as Corn, Sugarcane, Cassava & Straw Bale, & transformed into PLA using the hot air non-spring process
  • Making me completely bio-based, bio-degradable, anti-bacterial, ultra-thin, breathable, & gentle on your skin

What I don’t have?

  • I don’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins
  • I hate how they harm you and our mother earth
  • Paraben-free
  • Toxic-free
  • No artificial colors
  • Chlorine-free

Why am I not white?

  • My family at Sirona believes that periods shouldn’t be boring anymore
  • They made me for a chic, stylish & fascinating girl just like you!
  • Wait until you see more of my friends!
  • Till then, I will keep you happy with my super cool look & also save you from having to look at both blood & boring sanitary pads
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