Sirona Period Pain & Stain Care Combo


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Instant Relief from Menstrual Cramps | Cool Patches with No Chemical Actives

  • Period Stain Remover: This mild yet effective prewash treatment is made of plant-based surfactants and contains bio-enzymes that digest the proteins present in the bloodstains. While the grapefruit extract present in it kills the bacteria.
  • Non-bleach Prewash Treatment: Its no-bleach foaming formula removes the toughest of bloodstains while being extremely gentle on the fabric and its colours.
  • No harsh chemicals: The solution contains no parabens, SLS/SLES, formaldehyde, phthalates or colours, and is safe for both clothes and your skin.
  • Works on all Fabrics: It removes stains from all types of clothes like – jeans, undergarments, bed sheets, pyjamas and skirts.
  • Free Mini Laundry Brush: The mini brush helps in easy scrubbing after application of the solution on the stain.
  • For comfortable period days, get this combo pack today.

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  • Period means having to deal with double trouble of painful cramps and the uncalled-for bloodstains on the bedsheets, undergarments or dresses.
  • So, to combat these two big problems, Sirona brings you an innovative combo pack.

This pack contains:

  • Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patch (Pack of 5): This patch is a 100% herbal formulation for menstrual and muscular pain. Enriched with the goodness of natural pain relievers – Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil, the patch relaxes your muscles within minutes of application, providing cooling relief from cramps. It is discreet, long-lasting and non-messy. Thus, it can be used at work, at home or outdoors. A single patch works for 8-12 hours and helps you stay active day and night, without depending on pills or hot water bottles. It is also recommended for pain in the lower abdomen, back spasms and other muscular pain.
  • Sirona Antibacterial Period Stain Remover: No more tossing away the clothes that got stained during periods! Sirona brings India’s first-ever Antibacterial Period Stain Remover. Made of bio-enzymes and naturally derived ingredients, this prewash foaming formulation targets the bloodstains and makes clothes stain-free. It contains no bleach and thus retains the fabric colour.
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