Sirona Teens Period Pain Relief Patches with Hydrogel Properties – 5 Patches


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Instant Relief from Menstrual Cramps | Cool Patches with No Chemical Actives | No Side Effects

  • 100% herbal: Sirona’s pain patch comprises the natural goodness of Menthol. It has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, which helps ease pain.
    Leg/ abdomen/ back pain: Being ultra thin and easy to apply, the patch can be used anywhere on the body (except over wounds and hair). Ease cramps in lower abdomen or lower back or even leg pain using this patch.
  • Long lasting pain relief: The patch keeps on releasing natural pain-relieving oils for a long time after application. This results in calming the affected area and easing it of pain for up to 8 hours.
  • No side effects: With its all natural Ayurvedic formula, the patch is free of harmful chemicals and therefore doesn’t have any side effects. Unlike pills, this patch offers safe pain relieving solution without compromising on your health.
  • No hassles: The Hydrogel layer on the patch, makes it soft on skin, adds to the cooling effect and enables easy removal of the patch after use. This makes the patch a hassle-free solution to relieving pain on the go.

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  • Sirona is an award-winning product innovation brand, committed to solving those Intimate & Menstrual Hygiene issues for women, which are not adequately addressed in our country.
  • Sirona’s ‘Beginner’s Pain Relief Patch’ is a 100% ayurvedic patch.
  • It is one of the safest ways of combating cramps in your initial monthly cycles.
  • A simple formula, it relaxes your muscles and provides a discreet and continuous relief without any mess.
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