Zayn & Myza Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash – 100 ml


Brightens Skin, Rich In Anti-Oxidants, Minimizes Pores & No Chemical Nasties

  • Built-in brush deep exfoliating brush applicator improves penetration of ingredients.
  • Vitamin C & antioxidants fight dullness and brighten the skin.
  • Deep cleanses the pores & maintains natural oil balance.
  • Aloe vera & Holy Basil hydrate the skin.
  • 3-o-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid: A derivative of vitamin C, repairs dark spots
  • pH Neutral: Perfect for daily use
  • Capacity: 100 ml

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  • C off dirt and impurities with Vitamin C foaming face wash.
  • Its antioxidant-rich formula deep cleanses your pores and fights dullness on every wash.
  • Thanks to the innovative Small Molecule Formula that ensures quick absorption and deep penetration of ingredients, giving you naturally bright skin from within.

Small Molecule Formula

  • ZM introduces the first-of-its-kind ‘Small Molecule Formula’.
  • Most skincare products are made with large molecules that take time to absorb.
  • We, on the other hand, have lightweight, small molecules that absorb quickly into the skin.
  • Thus, the active ingredients penetrate deep and act on the root cause of your skin problems.