Aiwibi Australian Disposable Breathable Baby Diapers with Elastic Waistband – XXL36


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  • Two-Piece layers Q shape baby pants
  • Super-soft topsheet
  • Breathable & soft backsheet
  • Waterproof leak gaurd
  • White color ADL layer
  • Wetness indicator lines
  • Japan Sandia SAP
  • USA Weyerhaeuer fluff pulp

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Core Absorption Layer

  • Topsheet: Super soft non-woven fabric with embossed pearl. It can always keep dry and then give the best comfort to babies.
  • ADL (Additional Diffusion Layer): It is to help spread urine , and then keep surface always excellently dry.
  • Absorption Core: Sandia SAP from Japan, mixed with Weyerhaeuser Fluff Pulp from USA, to guarantee premium absorption capacity.
  • Backsheet: Water proof Printed PE film sheet + super soft non-woven fabric to minimize the possibility of rashes and to prevent any urine leaking from backside.
  • Q shape aiwibi baby pants as underwear give the best comfort and ease for baby’s movement.