Aiwibi Australian Premium Baby Pants – XL36


Save: ₨ 100.00 (8%)

Disposable Premium Ultra Thin & Light Baby Pants with Super Absorbent Capacity

  • Ultra thin lightweight baby pants.
  • Hot air-laid cotton-like topsheet.
  • Super absorption to keep a baby dry overnight.
  • Q shaped pant style diaper with two pcs layers.
  • Soft touch & comfortable feeling.
  • Cloth-like backsheet with high breathability.
  • Waterproof leg cuffs with 3D leak guard.
  • Equipped with ADL layer which diffuses urine faster.
  • Wetness indicator to remind replacing diaper timely.
  • 50% Sumitomo + 50% Sandia SAP (Originate in Japan).
  • With disposable tapes.

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  • Ultra thin & light aiwibi baby pants always give the best comfort to babies, they will be free from carrying heavy diapers as ordinarily.
  • Super absorption capacity keeps baby diapers dry and consiquently no rash happens on baby’s skin.
  • 50% Sumitomo and 50% Sandia SAP from Japan mixed together to ensure fast aborbency powerful urine detention.

Core Absorption Layer

  • Topsheet: Hot air-laid Non-woven fabric, feeling soft & tender to ensure the best comfort for babies.
  • ADL ( Additional Diffusion Layer): Hydrollic non-woven fabric helps to spread urine through in short time, then to guarantee a dry surface.
  • Core Absorbent Layer: World famous brand SAP, surrounded by absorbent materials, wonderful absorption capacity ,super thin & ultra light.
  • Backsheet: Made with non-woven fabric and PE film sheet, it is cotton-like and,water-proof to prevent any urine running out of the back.