Bare Anatomy Anti Hairfall Shampoo – 250 ml


Provides 5X Hair Fall Control | For Hair Fall | Enriched with Adenosine & Peptides

  • 5x hairfall control
  • Less hair breakage
  • Cleansing the scalp
  • Nourishes thin hair strands

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  • Bare Anatomy Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo has been formulated after extensive scientific and technological research in order to cure hair loss.
  • Hair naturally withers over time, but the weakness in the hair follicle is accelerated due to the loss of the natural oils, essential nutrients, and moisture from the hair caused by certain external factors and conditions and our own activities to damage the scalp further.
  • External factors like UV rays, salt, and chloride in water and activities like chemical treatments, excessive use of heat and appliances on the hair, and washing the hair with hot water are a few reasons for hair loss.
  • Over time, when these factors are ignored, it results in a loss of moisture in the scalp, weakened hair strands, and less nourishment, leading to hair fall.
  • The Anti Hair-Fall Shampoo consists of high-grade ingredients that have been scientifically proven to provide the hair and scalp with the required natural oils, the essential nutrients, and to bind moisture into the hair and hair follicles.
  • The Bare Anatomy Expert Anti Hair-Fall Shampoo will leave you with stronger and healthier hair.
  • It increases hair follicle growth by 121% within 14 days of use.
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