Beardo Compact Wooden Comb for Men


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  • Compact styling tool for men
  • Beard styling on the go
  • Precision combing
  • Retains natural oils

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Compact Grooming Tool for the Man on the Go!

  • It can become a real hassle sometimes, as a man, to worry about grooming, there is just so much to do.
  • Beardo knows this struggle too well, which is why we created the compact sheesham beard comb for men.
  • It is easy to carry around with you and has several benefits for your skin and hair as well.
  • Whip out the compact beard comb and groom your beard on the go, it’s every man’s personal little helper!

Beard Comb for On the Go Beard Styling

  • Sheesham is also known as Indian Redwood.
  • The great thing about it is that it provides protection against the environment as it has natural regenerative properties.
  • Not only does the compact sheesham comb help you style your beard hassle-free, but its pocket-size enables you to use it anywhere and at any time!
  • The smaller beard comb adds details to your hair which are hard to achieve with a full-sized comb.

Grooming on the Go!

  • From a long list of Beardo Hair and Beard Grooming Products comes the fantastic grooming device that is the Compact Sheesham Beard Comb.
  • Beard Combs by Beardo work best with a nice oil massage for hair.
  • These combs untangle hair and prevent split-ends, making sure your mane is well taken care of.
  • Be sure to use it with our Beardo Beard & Mustache Wax for nailing all suave looks!
  • As for your beard, what better way to style it than with a compact all-rounder comb?
  • Get in there and make sure each hair is exactly the way you want it.
  • Precise styling for a precious beard!