Bombay Shaving Company Anti Redness Shave Gel – 100 gm


Save: ₨ 18.00 (5%)

Reduces Redness | Offers Superior Glide and Cooling Effect

  • The Anti Redness Shave Gel reduces redness.
  • Prevents post-shave burns and makes your shaving experience irritation-free.
  • Made with natural ingredients, this shaving gel moisturises the skin and offers a smooth shaving experience.
  • Devoid of SLS and Parabens, this shaving gel makes your grooming experience completely safe and effective.
  • Concerns: Skin repair
  • Benefits: Hydration
  • Preference: Cruelty-free

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  • With Bombay Shaving Company’s Anti Redness Shave Gel, you can literally claim to have found the best shaving gel in the market.
  • Enriched with Tea Tree and Aloe Vera, our Anti- Redness Shave Gel offers a smooth glide and moisturised shaving experience.
  • Designed for sensitive skin, it nourishes and smoothes the skin, leaving your skin with a cooling, hydrating and refreshing effect.
  • Treat yourself to a superior glide every morning as you indulge in a rich, creamy lather.
  • Also suitable for acne- prone skin.