Chemist At Play Under Arm Roll On Aqua Fragrance (4% Lactic Acid + 1% Mandelic Acid) – 40 ml


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Gently exfoliates | Whitens & Brightens the skin & has aquatic fragrance for odor-free underarms

  • Gentle Exfoliation: Our underarm roll gently exfoliates the skin as it’s enriched with 4% Lactic Acid + 1% Mandelic Acid. This also helps even out the skin tone and fades spots/patches on the skin, if any.
  • Whitens & Brightens: This roll on is specially formulated to whiten and brighten your underarms with regular use. Just roll it 3-4 times post-shower daily and raise your hands in the air!
  • Keeps you Fresh: This roll on has added aquatic fragrance which keeps you feeling & smelling super fresh all day long. This is a perfect roll on to keep with you if you’re a gym freak.
  • Specially Formulated for you: Our Under Arm Roll On is a great choice for everyone who wishes to sport brighter, more even-toned underarms. Just make sure you have no open wounds or scars as it can deeply irritate the skin. Do not use post waxing/shave.

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Keep It Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ To Make Your Underarms Smell Oh-So Fresh!

  • Raise up your hands as our Under Arm Roll On Is Here!
  • With 4% Lactic Acid + 1% Mandelic Acid being its hero ingredients, this daily use roll on is perfect if you wish to sport lighter, even-toned underarms.
  • The Aqua Fragrance variant leaves a refreshing fragrance behind so you can go on about your day without a care in the world.
  • Apply it daily post-shower and enjoy a sweat & odor-free day ahead of you.

What makes it special?

  • This roll-on keeps your underarms odor free for up to 24 hours.
  • Enriched with 4% Lactic Acid + 1% Mandelic Acid, it gently exfoliates the skin so you can show off those arms in your sleeveless tees.
  • We have two options for you- fragrance-free and one with Aqua fragrance that will leave you smelling great!