Pee Safe Foldable and Disposable Urination Device – 6 N


Portable | Leak-proof & Easy to Use & Portable

  • Reduces the risk Of UTI & other infections: With the Pee Safe disposable urination device, you can now stand and pee in peace in any public restroom without fear of dirty toilet seats or disease transmission. Squatting, crouching, and wiping is no longer necessary.
  • Ideal for: Pee Safe disposable urination device is made in India product. This device is ideal for use in dirty restrooms while travelling for work or pleasure treks, camping, road trips, events or for individuals with medical concerns; Arthritis, Pregnancy, etc.
  • Easy to Use & Leakproof: The Pee Safe Disposable Urination Device is designed to fit you properly. No leaks, spills, backsplashes, overflows, or messes. The funnel is made for easy targeting, so your clothes and shoes will stay clean!
  • Foldable, Compact & Easy to Carry: The small and foldable design of the Pee Safe Disposable Urination Device allows it to fit comfortably in your purse, pocket, or bag pack.

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Don’t give on your peace to pee with ease!

  • Pee Safe’s Disposable Urination Device is here to help you steer clear of unhygienic toilet conditions & toilet borne infections.
  • No more squatting or practicing acrobats in the toilet, it’s time to stand with ease & pee in peace.
  • The Urination Device gives you the freedom to let go of the pressure during your encounters with unhygienic & unsanitary toilets.
  • Suitable partner for all your travels & for women who are suffering from joint pains!
  • Just hold the urination device under your crotch, tilt it forward using by placing your thumb on the designated area, & let your worries go.
  • Please Note: Kindly do not flush the urination device, instead please dispose of it in the dustbin.