The Man Company Hair Wax – Machismo – 100 g


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The no-nonsense solution when you want to achieve a round the clock dashing style

  • Life is tough champ.
  • It snaps and bites.
  • It screams and spites.
  • You couldn’t care less though.
  • You’d stare at trouble in the eye, and make it apologise.
  • We bring you Machismo Hair Styling Wax from our amazing range of Men’s Hair Products.
  • Its ultimate hold and bare presence, won’t let your hair misbehave while you go about even the longest of days.
  • With the rest of you sturdy, a weak hair game just won’t do.

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Product Info

  • Contains almond oil, olive oil & vitamin E
  • Contains other natural ingredients
  • Formulated in India
  • Water soluble
  • Pleasant scent