Vardaan Lactation Supplement with Shatavari & Dalchini for Lactating Mothers


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  • Mother Sparsh Vardaan is an Ayurvedic lactation supplement made with the goodness of 5 Ayurvedic herbs like amla, dalchini, ela, yashtimadhu and shatavari.
  • It helps to increase the quality and quantity of milk in nursing mothers. Vardaan is also rich in natural calcium which helps to improve bone growth and strength.

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  • Breastfeeding is one of the first bonding experiences you undergo as a mother and Mother Sparsh’s Vardaan ensures that you do not miss out on the magical feeling of being a mother.
  • Mother Sparsh’s Vardaan is an Ayurvedic postnatal supplement specially crafted to aid lactating mothers in enhancing milk production.
  • Vardaan uses safe, natural formulations with ayurvedic herbs to provide optimal nutrients post-pregnancy.
  • It is a treasured ayurvedic remedy that encompasses natural sources of calcium along with 5 essential herbs to recoup nutrition.
  • Vardaan aids in fulfilling the increased needs of a new mother by providing additional nutrition and care.
  • Your journey to motherhood can be life-altering and Mother Sparsh’s Vardaan aims to provide you with nutrients you may need along the way.

Results of Vardaan Ayurvedic Lactation Supplement

  • Presence of Ayurvedic Herbs Like Shatavari Promotes Healthy Lactation: Mother Sparsh’s Vardaan is specially designed to boost breast milk production, aid in combating depleted breast milk supply, and fortify the milk with essential nutrients for the baby.
  • Stimulates Appetite and Enhances Energy Level: Vardaan provides new mothers with essential postnatal nutrition with the support of organically sourced vitamins to meet the nutritional needs of nursing mothers.
  • With Added Godanti Bhasma – A Potent Calcium Supplement: Vardaan aids in regaining bone density in young mothers and helping bridge dietary gaps, with the help of organically sourced Godanti Bhasma- a potent calcium supplement.